Saturday, 26 May 2012

The 6-Year-Old Entrepreneur That Rocked Startup Weekend


Ashwin: The 6-Year-Old Entrepreneur/CEO That Rocked Startup Weekend Seattle

Meet the little guy that is showing everyone what Startup Weekend is all about.

“Hi my name is Ashwin and I’m 6. And I am an entrepreneur. My idea is Wash Off Stickers. One day Mommy went to an event and put a name tag on. But when she came home she forgot to take it off and then threw it in the wash - but the sticker never came off and ruined her favorite shirt!
My idea is Wash Off Stickers! With just a little water our stickers will disappear! And the stickers could go on walls, toys, even fruit!”


Not only did this little six-year-old identify a business problem, find a market, and propose a solution, he did it better than half of the grown adults in the room. I felt terrible for whoever had to follow that kid.

After the pitches, voting begins. At the beginning of the evening, we’re given three Post-its, which we use to vote for what we think are the best ideas. I walked around and chatted with a few people, and I noticed that Wash Off Stickers was sadly empty. This was an injustice that could not stand.

“Oh, COME ON people,” I pleaded. “How is nobody voting for Wash Off Stickers?! That was an awesome idea!” I proudly placed my Post-It under his sign, and walked over to him.

“Hi, my name is Dwight, and I just wanted to let you know I voted for your idea!”

Here is where the story gets REALLY good, keep reading this piece, "My Boss, The Six-Year-Old", from Dwight Battle's blog. Geekwire also covered the story and has a great video interview with Ashwin. KOMO 4 News also did a piece on Aswin which you can view here.

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