Tuesday, 8 May 2012

CoderDojo - teaching code in Ireland and further afield

The wonderful CoderDojo have been teaching people to code. Starting from Cork the Dojos have spread all over Ireland and further afield. The Dojos are spreading and are in Cork, Dublin, UK, Brazil and almost in every corner in the world! The Irish tech scene and the volunteers have allowed initiative such as the CoderDojo to flourish but have shown that growth is not limited just to Ireland.

CoderDojo does not just help people to learn to code, develop websites, apps, programs and build websites. It's a fun social event that promotes a place to learn and develop in a welcoming environment. With a global network and support from local companies too.  

Want to help or mentor?
Mentors and teachers should ideally possess:
  • The willingness to deliver content passionately and interactively
  • A desire to encourage kids to take an interest in coding
  • An ability to think on your feet, kids ask some very interesting and challenging questions
More details available at Coderdojo.
Twitter handle: @CoderDojo