Thursday, 31 May 2012

Help GrowVC Re-design itself?

Help us re-design Grow VC

Planning a new Grow VC

In this special edition of our newsletter we’re offering our members the chance to contribute to the future Grow VC platform. After several years of existence and growth, we decided it was time for an improvement to the structure and design of Grow VC in order to better serve our growing community.
Take part in our research 

We are planning several changes to our site, but at the heart of our plans will be our Grow VC members! To ensure that your experience with the new Grow VC will be unforgettable, we are looking for Grow VC members that are willing to be interviewed about their current experiences of the Grow VC website. Your opinion will guide our re-design and shape the future of Grow VC. As a thank you, we will promote the visibility of your profile on Grow VC in our newsletter and amongst our social networks. We’ll also give you a sneak preview of what we’re working on at the key stages of our development.

Interested in participating in our research?

If you are interested in participating, please apply here no later than Sunday, 3 June!
Go to application form.

Why listening is important
Jon Kolko talk @ IxDA Interaction 10 conference

Entrepreneurs are often faced with the challenge of fundamentally changing the way things are done. Some entrepreneurs go as far as attempting to force behavioural changes, without really understanding why someone is currently doing things the way they do. The result is often an inappropriately designed product or service. Jon Kolko, Founder of the Austin Center for Design, gives some motivating advice on how empathy may lead to a successful change of behaviour. Enjoy his very insightful presentation, which has inspired our approach to a user-centred re-design of Grow VC.