Thursday, 17 May 2012

List of Startups who also participated


A virtual manager solution for restaurants and bars, which consolidates all daily or shift reporting in one place; enabling owners to monitor and manage their business more efficiently from anywhere.

BOSS Metrics


BOSS Metrics is a digital & social media marketing management platform for SMEs. By automating how they report, analyse and plan, BOSS Metrics dramatically increases the productivity of marketing professionals.

Our innovative system eliminates guesswork by turning raw digital marketing data into customised multi-site scorecards and intelligent action plans.

Drop Car
Drop Car is innovative booking software for the car share industry.  Car sharing is similar to Dublin Bikes but cars currently always need to be returned to the spot from which they were picked up.  Drop Car introduces scheduled one-way bookings making the industry more attractive to the customer and profitable to the car share company.



We have developed a portable surgical simulator that gives the surgeon the opportunity to test drive real medical devices, anywhere, anytime.

It allows the surgeon to perform a full x-ray guided procedure in realistic synthetic flesh and bone. Most importantly, it’s safe because it doesn’t require the use of radiation.

Instant Opinion
A new real-time communication channel between service providers and their customers using mobile and cloud technology. By gathering real-time, actionable insights from customers, a service provider can respond instantly to those needs, resolve issues as they occur, turn negative experiences into positive ones and convert customers into loyal supporters.


This is a travel application and kids forum to explore the world, share travel tips and a personalised space to post their own reviews and photos. An interactive children's travel service specifically addressing kids.

LearnUpon is a cloud based, affordable learning management system designed specifically to meet the needs of small to medium sized training companies. It allows training companies to start delivering and selling their courses online within an hour of sign-up.

My Power Back

My Power Back is an online mental health platform, providing therapist designed and delivered resources and innovative Online Programs to support adults struggling with Anxiety, Depression and Eating Disorders.  All programs and resources are based on CBT – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – which is a clinically proven model of intervention for all of the issues being addressed.  Users can access resources and online programs safely and confidentially, and begin to tackle their issues in a structured, practical and effective way.  Our Eating Disorders programs are currently available with the My Power Back platform to follow.

Building Eye take open source planning data from multiple local authorities and present this information in a clear and concise format on one map. This allows users to see what projects are being planned in their area, and at what stage in the planning process the application is at. An alert service is provided for businesses who want to know of new applications being proposed near them, and a planning lists service for those looking for project leads in their chosen sector.


‘Health Intelligence and Pharmacy Informatics’:
 Pharmapod is an international web-based platform that helps pharmacists comply with local and EU legislation, record structured clinical services and share knowledge and best practice amongst their peers. The site collates data at an international level, driving patient safety as well as the expansion of the role of the pharmacist in their communities across Europe.

Popdeem is a social commerce platform that links brands to the communities through their social networks. Popdeem creates real value for users being engaged on their social networks. A hype score is calculated based on social networking activity, engagement and challenges. The higher the hype, the more you earn.

SlateState provides teachers with a dashboard that allows them to see the real time status of student iPads in the classroom, while delivering a unique analytics platform for publishers of educational content.

Sneaky Vegetables
A series of games for use on the iPad / Android tablets, desktop and new Windows Metro platform. The first game, Round the Block, teaches the skills necessary to draw freehand in 3D and will be pitched at children aged 6+ years.


A music data analytics service that allows users to discover and track what songs are being listened to and where in realtime by combining geo-location and ID3 music tagging technology. Soundwave provides actionable analytics that allows the music industry to understand and react to what their market is doing in realtime and respond with hyperlocal and targeted marketing campaigns, pr injections, tours and promotions for increased ROIs. Musicians can track their global distribution in realtime. Users can discover what songs their favourite locations, friends and celebrities are listening to.

True Pivot

Structural analysis software for the engineering domain that simulates stresses and deflections on a design. The software’s ‘real-time’ capability empowers engineers with a unique understanding of the behaviour of buildings under externally applied forces such as wind and earthquakes.