Saturday, 26 May 2012

Want to go to Google I/O?

Startup Weekend

Want to go to Google I/O?  

Yeah, we thought so.

If you’re a Startup Weekend alum and your startup is built on Google technologies* then we want to hear from you!

Google, our Galactic Sponsor, has released four free passes to Google I/O to the Startup Weekend community. (For those who don't know, Google I/O is their massive annual developer conference. This year tickets were $900 and the entire conference sold out within 20 minutes. With amazing speakers, panels, code labs and hackathons this is one event you definitely want to be a part of!)

So how do you get one of these coveted tickets?

First, create a 60 second videothat tells us a bit about your team (roughly 20 seconds), about your startup (roughly 20 seconds), and why you should go to Google I/O (roughly 20 seconds). Then upload it to YouTube (you can leave it as “unlisted” instead of “public” if you don’t want the world to see it).  Don’t forget to share the link with us in the application!

Second, fill out this application.  We’ll be asking you a few questions about your startup and also a few questions about you.  Not to worry, they’re pretty standard and will only be seen by the Startup Weekend Core Team.  The application requires the video link, so make sure that’s ready to go before you fill out the form.

We’ll contact the lucky few the first week of June.

Best of luck to all our teams!

*“Built on Google technologies” means that they are an integral part of your product or service, not that you use Gmail for email.