Monday, 18 June 2012

AirPOS Launches the World’s first

AirPOS Launches the World’s first Integrated SME Retail System. ePOS and e-commerce, together at last.

In the week that Apple changed its focus a little and took a tentative first step towards retail software with Passbook, and Debenhams announced free Wi-Fi in all their stores as an incentive for customers to use their mobile apps more, a little start-up in Belfast, Northern Ireland were putting the final polish on a unique, world-changing retail system for the SME retail sector. AirPOS have combined and integrated online and offline sales channels on a single platform seamlessly and simply. A good day for the independent retailer and the savvy shopper no?
AirPOS noticed emerging problems after a decade in the salt-mines of building ecommerce stores for small retailers. Notably the lack of integration between ecommerce stores on the web and existing ePOS setups in store – this was a pipedream to most and seen as the Holy Grail for bricks-and-mortar retailers. This lack of integration meant huge problems in controlling inventory, which of course only got worse as the volume of sales grew. Add multiple stores into the mix and the problem is multiplied again. The complexity and the challenges of integrating these systems seemed insurmountable.
AirPOS decided to take steps to correct this, to give retailers a truly unique joined up platform that intelligently controls inventory and sales. AirPOS founder and CEO Martin Neill said that it was crucial that “the technology at all points of sale work in tandem instead of against each other. How did it ever get this way? So fragmented and broken. Someone’s going to have to fix this.” And for added effect, they decided to do all of this in real time, for genuine visibility across all of the sales platforms.
The AirPOS webstores can be used as a stand-alone ecommerce store, or in conjunction with their innovative cloud based ePOS software resulting in no third party integration and above all else, a platform that provides the scalability, flexibility and features for business growth offering merchants total visibility and control over their online and offline channels. And with clear, consistent and simple pricing, a rarity in the retail software industry. By doing this, retailers can begin to move to a new level of multichannel selling and customer relationship management, ultimately achieving the single customer view that remains elusive to everyone below the multi-million budget conglomerates and epic chain stores.
There were a few simple rules in building this system. It must be affordable, scalable and simple to use. According to Kieran Graham, Co-founder of and CTO at AirPOS;
‘When you sign up for AirPOS we take care of all the technical stuff, so you don’t have too. With our easy to use and affordable integrated solution, you can now focus on what you do best – selling and making your customers happy’
Thankfully AirPOS earliest customers provided feedback that suggested they’d satisfied their goals:
"…painless, cost effective, quick and reliable." The Tuck Shop Retail Limited (UK)
I just love the ease of use, from creating my products in the software to checking sales when I'm away from the store… AirPOS is a great product and has an amazing support team."Frubble Café, California (USA)
It is clear that a marriage of technology startups and the independent retail sector can combine to bring the technology of the big guys into the smallest of stores and to give customers all of the choice, all of the time.
This market focus and unique proposition is leading to partnerships with established companies such as Casio, DigiPOS, Star and Epson bringing the new technologies closer to the mainstream every day.
Mr Neill added “Our joined-up approach to intelligent retailing will make a difference to how retailers serve, and keep, their customers and at a cost that is clear. Technology has created smarter shoppers, now AirPOS and our partners are creating smarter shopkeepers.”