Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Fall of Social Networking?

The Fall of Social Networking? Do you remember MySpace? If you do, let me save you the trouble of typing it into your browser’s address bar: Yes, it still exists. I deleted my profile ages ago, and I haven’t been on the site in, well, forever. But I still remember a time when it was the hot ticket round the ‘net. Facebook had yet to get its online sea legs and everyone I knew was on MySpace nearly 24/7 (the site was big during my college years). MySpace’s star shone bright, and it rose fast. Then, with the emergence of Facebook, it seemed to vanish into thin air literally overnight. This isn’t the first time power shifted amongst tech companies. Did you know that back in 2002, Yahoo tried to buy Google for a mere $3 billion? Yeah, that happened – and a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a search engine named Alta Vista ruled the Web. The point here is that the Internet is an ever-changing landscape. Social media as we know it is evolving right before our eyes, and though it might be hard to imagine Facebook suffering a MySpace-style demise (unthinkable!), in a few years, it could become a very real possibility. Read more..