Sunday, 17 June 2012

Grow VC Update

Starting Up China
Beijing's First iWeekend event
Last newsletter discussed the startup climate in Africa, now we're giving you a tour around the startup ecosystem in China with Carole Wai Hai, founder of the Beijing-based startup grassRoots’ly and organizer of Beijing’s first iWeekend event.

What’s the hottest startup industry? Where is the capital coming from? How supportive is the entrepreneurial community? What role do foreigners and international markets play in the local startup scene? Carole provides thoughtful responses to these questions and many more.
Click to listen the interview with Carole.

Grow VC in Berlin Today
Meet Jouko and Markus
This week, on 19 − 21 June GrowVC founders Jouko Ahvenainen and Markus Lampinen will be visiting Berlin. Markus and Jouko are available to talk about crowdfunding, new funding models and meet partners. If you are in the neighborhood and interested to learn more about crowdfunding, don't hesitate to contact them at
The Porter Model
Selecting the Best Partner to Grow with
If your company is enjoying of a lot of success in your given market, you may be seeking additional ways to increase your company’s earning power. Investing in another company could be a sound strategy. Vetting the company is the key to understanding how it will mesh with your company, its financial goals and most fundamentally, its potential for long-term success and financial gain.

One way to measure a company’s health and desirability, as a potential recipient of your company’s investment dollars, is to employ the Porter’s Five Forces Analysis to any given company in which you have an investment interest. Read more about the Porter Model:The Porter Model