Sunday, 17 June 2012

Irish start-up ‘goes straight to NASDAQ’


Promising Irish start-up ‘goes straight to NASDAQ’… with innovative new product

NDRC Launchpad firm Redeem&Get launches new systems to manage ‘Daily Deals’

NEW YORKUSA and DUBLINIRELAND,  18th June, 2012:   Redeem&Get - an Irish start-up company emerging from the NDRC Launchpad accelerator programme -  is targeting business growth directly in the United States with the launch of a new product for online daily deal marketers.  Marking the launch, the company highlighted its new product on the world famous NASDAQ electronic display at 43rd and Broadway in New York (pictured).

With major global growth in the online marketing of ‘Daily Deals’ and redemption vouchers to consumers, NDRC based Redeem&Get has developed new software systems for merchants which help them to better manage and control the overwhelming influx of customers that each daily deal brings to their sites.  Redeem&Get has received early stage funding and mentoring through the NDRC Launchpad accelerator programme.

Since it started business in 2011, Redeem&Get has processed over €1.6 million worth of voucher redemptions through its systems.

In New York, Redeem&Get launched Deal Manager Pro, a brand new system for online marketing professionals which the company describes as ‘Google adwords certification for daily deals’, a stamp of approval that showcases knowledge of the latest tools and best practice techniques.

The launch coincided with the f.ounders New York conference.

Redeem&Get works for any business from high street retailers to product suppliers, hotels, gyms or restaurants among others.  It offers the tools to self manage customer and deal volumes and to turn customers into repeat business through an overall better experience all around.  For example, a salon can schedule the right volume of daily deals for customers to the right times, quickly and simply, or a hotel or restaurant can book daily deal guests and manage numbers appropriately.

Redeem&Get CEO, Gene Murphy said: “With daily deals now a substantial part of the marketing mix for local merchants, online marketing professionals need to be better equipped to provide the right strategies and management for these merchants.  

“One of the greatest problems facing merchants that run daily deals, is the sheer number of new customers a daily deal can bring to their front door, which can be overwhelming. Redeem&Get is already enabling merchants to manage all of these new customers.

“Today’s launch of Deal Manager Pro is aimed squarely at getting marketing professionals into the daily deals space to gain new business by managing merchant deals. Using their skills as marketers, Deal Manager Pro gives these professionals the tools to extract the maximum value for local merchants from their deal. The marketer has the potential for lots of follow on business with local merchants while they work to turn one time deal customers into long term repeat business.”

Gary Leyden, Director of NDRC Launchpad said: “Innovation happens when you see a clear market need and have the ability to address it with a truly relevant new technology.  Redeem&Get has super potential, we’re delighted to support them and thrilled to see them making such strong progress where they are already attracting significant client interest.”

“There are approximately 9,000 deal sites worldwide and in more recent times, a large proportion of these are targeting specific market segments.  All have merchant partners that they need to keep, but not all can afford to build their own software. That’s where Redeem&Get steps in to give all daily deal providers the tools and features they need to manage their deal.”

Marketing professionals can sign up now to Redeem&Get’s BETA programme for Deal Manager pro at