Friday, 22 June 2012

Silicon Ireland opens a News Desk in New York, USA


Silicon Ireland opens News Desk in New York

On our recent trip to New York, Silicon Ireland opened a news desk to report on startups.Our aim is  to directly link Ireland tech with the New York Tech and beyond, predominantly New Yorks Silicon Alley. We have seen many links between our 2 countries, and it is amazing to open a News desk. Its official opening will be July 2nd 2012.

So what does this mean, well like the recent move by 'Redeem&Get' to make a move into the US market, it is important for Silicon Ireland News to be able to report and follow how they get on.

We will update you further in the coming days, and will also introduce our team and contact info for startups coming to the US and also US startups looking at Ireland as a European centre for tech, or as we say a Silicon Valley of Europe.

We aim also to extend our startupacademy to New York in Sept 2012.