Saturday, 30 June 2012

Startup Weekend Opens Offices In Europe And Mexico

Startup Weekend Opens Offices In Europe And Mexico

Time to take over the world!

We're extremely excited to continue our regional and global expansion plans with our newest office in Mexico! Two awesome local staffers, Melina Ortiz and Gustavo Moreno, will power the Startup Weekend scene in Mexico while working closely with the rest of the core team in our Seattle headquarters. This comes on the heels of opening our awesome London office on the Google campus there and an important partnership with Mercy Corps. Opening the office in Mexico is really exciting because it is another big step in our plans to increase the number of events being hosted around the world and ultimately, support entrepreneurs.

“The most important thing we could be doing for society, our economies, and the world right now is helping more people become successful entrepreneurs. We’ve had demand for more than 2,000 events this year in over 100 different countries. Regional operations will allow us to scale faster and continue to feed a fundamental shift in communities that are trying to create more vibrant startup ecosystems.” - CEO, Marc Nager