Thursday, 5 July 2012

Javascript over Ruby on Rails? a Geeklist view


Javascript over

Ruby on Rails?!?

Developer communities grow to over 3,500 with Javascript still in the lead at nearly 2,000 members... Who will be the leading community in a month from now?
While racing to see which communities are most popular is exciting, being the most popular community is not really what's most important. The community that brings value to your daily life is. Sharing resources, ideas, news and finding like minded people is at the very core of any community. It's a symbiotic co-existence where the people around you contribute and receive from your contributions as well. In Geeklist Communities we've launched focused on making developers lives better with resources. Finding influential or leading developers and learning what tools and resources are in their bookmarks can help. Our 'GeekIt' bookmarklet allows developers to add links to important resources or bookmarks used by other influencers and members, for you to read, categorize and store in your own links folders. 
First, choose the community or communities that fit your skills by going here:
Select a community to join by browsing through the top communities or select alphabetically: 
(what you don't see the Ruby on Rails community in the below screenshot? It's because they are #10... if you like Rails go join the community here, tell your friends and try and catch it up to Javascript!)
Once selected 'Join' the community and let your friends know:
Then you can browse the links that have been selected with our GeekIt bookmarklet by other developers or the links that have been 'Re-Geeked'. By clicking the 'reload' circular arrow you, too, can Re-Geek a link, adding it to your library of resources on Geeklist that you recommend to others as well. It will show up on your profile:
Then check out who is really active in the communities:
But communities are not only about link resources. We are preparing to build out the communities with much deeper value to members, including relevant events and a calendar, relevant Achievements and Micros along with relevant job postings from exciting companies and much more. 
So the race is ON to see which is most popular and more importantly, which is the most valuable community to YOU. What's your community?