Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Belfast based AirPOS and Casio change Retail Forever

AirPOS is portable, affordable, multi-channel web and ePOS software for retailers

AirPOS and Casio change Retail Forever

The ePOS industry is long overdue a shake up. With retail in steep decline across many sectors, retailers and technology providers alike have little choice but to innovate their way out of the mire. A Belfast-based start up and a Japanese corporation may seem like unlikely bedfellows, but the combined brainpower of AirPOS and Casio have created a solution that is not only primed for the modern retail world, but also a solution that is ready for retail’s future.

Hot on the heels of the very successful VX-100 (the world’s first Android ePOS terminal), Casio, one of the world’s largest corporate hardware manufacturers have today launched their revolutionary cloud-based Business Portal, with five new software apps designed to help businesses get the most from their Android platform based ePOS systems. One of which is AirPOS, the world-changing POS solution from the Belfast-based start-up.

AirPOS worked alongside Casio and integrated their unique ePOS application for Android into these smartly engineered ePOS devices that process sales and capture customer data at the point of sale. Martin Neill, CEO and founder of AirPOS said, “Cloud ePOS deserves a dedicated cloud-based platform and for the first time this is now possible.”

Dr Guy Boxall, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Casio echoed these thoughts and explained:
“The combination of the new Casio Android platform EPOS and AirPOS suite of apps provides a very versatile and mobile solution for retailers of all sizes. Our joined-up approach to intelligent retailing will make a difference to how we serve, and keep, our high street customers”.

Now the leading operating system on smart phones, “taking Android to the retail environment is an exciting development for the industry” according to Nick Hamilton, Product Manager at AirPOS. The possibilities of using the Android platform - especially a tablet in an ePOS scenario are almost entirely unexplored. From the stock room to the shop floor, these new devices are enabling a more fluid and all round shopping experience.

The range of Casio ePOS devices including the VX-100 and their new range of tablets are designed for use in a wide selection of retail environments including independent retail stores, multi-nationals, restaurants, bars and service centres. When teamed with AirPOS the system works as both a standalone device or as part of a networked system. The ePOS may be a little black box on the outside, but inside lies the awesome power and versatility of cloud computing. This solution provides a faster and more stable platform than has been in the market, and ends Microsoft’s long held domination of the space. AirPOS and Casio are helping revolutionise the retailer, making ePOS a more sophisticated sales and business management tool.

Thanks to AirPOS and Casio, this new and radical approach to ePOS is giving small businesses access to ‘big retail style technology’ that was previously out of reach, at a price-point that is most affordable. Retailers should rejoice. Mr. Neill concluded “Technology has created smarter shoppers, but with the help of Casio, AirPOS are creating smarter shopkeepers”