Sunday, 12 August 2012

Tech Ireland - Don't lose focus on the goal

Over the last four years, we have wanted to see Ireland become the centre of the Tech in Europe. We have seen so much that encourages us, the Dublin Web Summit, which is now one of Europe's leading Tech conferences, Google, Twitter and Microsoft all based their European operations in Ireland.

We have seen start-ups grow and succeed in a cluttered European market. But now we must push further, with London and Berlin trying to lay claim to the title, we now need a concerted push to take Ireland's Tech journey to the next level.

 I remember when Mike Butcher visited the Digital Hub in Dublin 4 years ago. He went away and created something similar for London based on the idea of collective working in Dublin. The Olympics has put a focus onto the London Olympic park which will become Tech City. Berlin is building a tech factory for start-ups. What will we do next in Ireland to take us to the next level? From our view, we have many Irish initiatives working towards a common goal, but no single strategy. How can we succeed without pooling resources and working towards a common ground?

We must not be frightened of sharing our ideas, and collaborating for a shared prize? Dublin's Web Summit will bring together over 3000 delegates, speaker, the F.ounders and hundreds of start-ups from across Ireland, UK and Europe.

How do we get this message across to these delegates? Is there a chance of opening a dialogue with existing European Start-up centres, and sharing the ideas to make Europe the Centre of Tech. Whatever the outcome, we must not rest on our laurels and not lose focus of our goals. We welcome your thoughts, and ideas.