Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Startacus has liftoff!

We have lift off! The Startacus site is now live...

All those early mornings and even later nights have paid off - Startacus, the self start society is now ready to roll!

  • The place where you can connect, create and collaborate.
  • The place that really celebrates the culture of the self starter.
  • The place where you will find the inspiration, support and motivation to help your ideas become an actual reality.

And now we need you to play your part. So....

  • Come on over to the site and join us
  • Get involved! Mix and network with other self starters.
  • Read our articles, features and tips
  • Check out our toolkit filled with lots of useful startup resources
  • Help us tell the world that Startacus is here - follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, tell everyone you know!

Oh yes - one more thing - in these early days, we may have a few little hiccups here and there so, if we do, please be patient. If for some reason you are having, shall we say a “technical” issue with the site and the gremlins seem to be at work, we need to know! Email us on and we’ll get working on them straight away.