Thursday, 6 September 2012

Belfast - Full update from Digital Circle NI

This is the full update from Digital Circle NI

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Many of you will worked hard and played hard at CultureTECH last week and everyone we met agreed that the event was an amazing harbinger for an even more amazing event in 2013. We have over 1400 members and nearly 250 businesses registered.

InvestNI have, working with KPMG, created an online survey regarding the need for incubator space and accelerator mentorship programmes for Digital Media companies. This was a requirement outlined in the Digital Content Strategy 2012-2015 that we try to encourage new companies to appear, to build new pipelines for work and an entire supply chain for the industry. It's also vitally important that we give new entrants to the industry (or returning entrants) the opportunity to stay in the industry and stay in Northern Ireland.

The Strategy also outlines that this accelerator would be not one location but a series of linked locations throughout Northern Ireland, providing much needed services and links to outlying regions.
As a result, we would ask everyone to fill in the survey and consider the aims of the programme. We will be asking for further involvement and engagement as the process continues. For more information, please get in touch.

This is the survey address and login details.

The NI Tech Show (hosted by Chris Taylor and Matt Johnton) has hit episode 24. Hosted, it has a usefully irreverent approach to local technology news. They are keen to have local companies as guests on the show so if you want an hour of not-quite-fame, please contact them.
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