Sunday, 9 September 2012

GeekList are Out of Beta

GeekList are

Out of Beta

Job Postings

are live!

Today we are announcing the long awaited release of Geeklist into the 'Real' world from 'Beta'! We are now open for business and have launched Job Postings! In our mission to make the lives of Geeks around the world better, we have created a unique, seamless and fun way to find companies and for companies to find you.

The demand for Job Posting capabilities was screaming at us for a few months now... so If you're hiring... go here:

Fill in your post and it will look something like this, but you have to add team members and photos of your space for it to look as awesome as this one for BitTorrent. See their company page as an example of what your company page could look like! What? You're not a Verified Company yet? Email us here:

Companies will be matched to developers by skills tagged, number of ^5's and your GeekCred. When you're matched you'll see:

You will be notified when someone is interested:

and can view their details and invite them to a convo:

Of course your success in hiring will have much to do with how attractive your companies profile is inside Geeklist as well. Contact us to learn more about the Verified Company options