Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Menshn News and a mobile site

Update From Menshn

Check it out below

Hi Silicon Ireland readers

Today is the culmination of months of hard work developing menshn 2.0. It's an exciting day, and we finally get to take the wraps off the platform we've been building pretty much since we launched version 1.0 of the site back in June.

It's been a great ride so far. We have 6,000+ registered users, and we've exceeded our targets with over 60,000 menshn posts since launch. Our users have created over 250 topics themselves so far!

We've listened to as much user feedback as possible and are now ready to let users into 2.0. As you'll see, the major changes are cosmetic, with a new interface giving emphasis on the content. I have a certain attachment to version 1.0, but even I recognise it wasn't the prettiest site on the net! With 2.0 we hope to change that.

Mobile users too now have a dedicated site designed for smart phones -- which makes it easier to follow your topics and post on the go.

Behind the scenes, we've invested in technology that filters menshns for spam in the same way your email inbox might be. Other social networking sites don't block spam, but from the very beginning we wanted to create a clean, enjoyable platform free from things that degrade the experience.

The developments in 2.0 don't stop here, and we'll be rolling out a collection of tools and improvements over the coming weeks. We're getting ready for a big push in the autumn, which will see some exciting partnerships and major new features rolled out.

Until then, go and check out the new menshn at The main website is available at  We look forward to talking on topic with you soon. Oh and if you support menshn, please please get your friends to join in the conversation!