Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Satellite and Wi-Fi 'must be a priority' in rural areas

Satellite and Wi-Fi 'must be a priority' in rural areas


The government is at risk of missing its broadband coverage targets by focusing too heavily on superfast fibre broadband and not paying enough attention to rural areas.

This is the view of Charles Trotman, head of rural business development at the Country Land and Business Association (CLA), who said other technologies must be taken into consideration.

He said satellite broadband and Wi-Fi technology can both help to plug the broadband gap in remote parts of the country, but insisted that the framework to deliver them must be put in place.

His comments come after the CLA published a new policy paper setting out its vision for rural broadband and called for a strategic alliance with other interest groups to help bring decent internet access to areas that are currently lagging behind.

Mr Trotman said he does not believe the government will meet its objectives of hitting speeds of at least two megabits per second for all homes and businesses in the UK by 2015 unless technologies like satellite and Wi-Fi become part of the mix.

"You've got to put in place a structure that takes into account other technologies, and you've got to put in place the framework, which will be conducive to putting those technologies in place," he stated.