Saturday, 27 October 2012

5% of Irish companies at risk because they don't support personal mobile devices used for work

Only 5% of Irish companies at risk because they don't support personal
mobile devices used for work

 DataSolutions, Irelands leading value-add IT
distributor, today announced results of a survey that found 25% of Irish
organisations are providing no IT support for the personal devices
accessing their corporate network. This is despite the fact that 85% of
those surveyed admitted that employees use their own mobile devices,
smart phone and tablets, to access work related applications.

The survey was conducted on behalf of Citrix at this year's annual
Virtual Computing Forum. 98 senior Irish IT executives and managers were
surveyed on the proliferation of personal devices in the workplace and
the systems in place to manage new devices.

Some very revealing statistics emerged among the 85% of companies that
allow employees to use their own devices for work purposes:

- Only 14% of this group actually support more than three quarters of
the personal devices accessing their networks;
- 68% admitted corporate data is actually held on these personal
- 66% say corporate applications are stored on these personal devices.

Francis O'Haire, director, technology & strategy, DataSolutions
commented on the results, "The emerging workforce are extremely savvy
when it comes to technology and have grown up with mobile devices and
phones as a part of everyday life. It will be essential for businesses
to take the steps to provide these future employees with a work
environment that suits their expectations.

"There are numerous technologies that can help an organisation adopt a
BYOD programme while also ensuring the confidentiality and security of
its corporate data and applications. We are noticing the growth in the
number of personal devices in Irish organisations, directly driving
interest in technologies such as desktop virtualisation; cloud services
that can provide secure, instant access to business apps and data; and
file sharing tools such as Citrix Sharefile.

"Demand for these technologies will continue to grow in 2013, as
businesses begin to better understand the potential risks and seek the
best ways to manage mobility."

Mobility devices are in use in almost every organisation. More than 95%
of those surveyed said smart phones and tablet computers, whether
employee or company owned, are in use in their organisation, with 99% of
companies having laptops in use.

Grace O'Rourke Veitch, country manager, Ireland, Citrix added, "With the
large amount of information and news stories on the 'Bring Your Own
Device' explosion in workplaces all over the world, it's very surprising
to see how many Irish companies still have no systems in place to
support these mobile devices.

"Mobile personal devices that are outside the control and visibility of
the company bring their own new set of security risks. Employees are
bypassing the IT department and accessing the corporate network with
their preferred communications tools, with the potential for privacy,
compliance and risk management issues.

"Keeping track of all devices on the corporate network, enabling
permission based access and ensuring the security of data should be top
priority for any business. Having the appropriate technologies in place
will help companies to securely manage the current trend towards the
consumerisation of IT."