Thursday, 18 October 2012

Brewster relationship app - Launches at Dublin Web Summit 2012

Brewster is your personalized address that understands your relationships

How do you manage those many relationships you have on your social media? How do you organise those relationships into a way that will be of benefit to you and your friends. Especially when you think we have on average over 1000+ contacts in our 'social online world'

I met with Steve Greenwood at the Dublin Web Summit yesterday and he outlined how his app integrated with our lives. Here is how he explained it to me.:-

'Named after the street i grew up on, Brewster is a service focused on understanding the relationships in our lives to help you discover who you're looking for. We bring together everyone you know, anyway you know them from your iphone contacts, facebook, twitter, linkedin, google and more to create personalized profiles that are merged, up-to-date and private. We believe you should use Brewster to access everyone you know in a whole new way while permanently replacing the age-old A-to-Z contact list. as a product, Brewster is just as dynamic as it is personal. It helps you quickly see who's trending in your life or who you are losing touch with.I t also allows you to search people by anything - name, city you’re in, even favorite band - with quick access to the people you contact most, like magic, it connects all the dots as your relationships evolve.'

Only a few months old, Brewster has been a sensation in America, it has one of the most technologically advanced algorithms powering it.  

You can Download directly from Apple Itunes.