Tuesday, 2 October 2012

IBM to help drive through Irish electric vehicle charging network

IBM to help drive through Irish electric vehicle charging network

US computing giant IBM is teaming up with ESB ecars, a subsidiary of Irish utility ESB, to roll out a ‘smart’ charging IT system for a network of electric vehicle charging points across Ireland.

ESB Networks, which is responsible for the rollout of electric vehicle infrastructure in Ireland, currently has around 1000 public charging points, and is on its way to being one of the largest integrated electric vehicle infrastructures in Europe.

The addition of IBM’s Intelligent Electric Vehicle Enablement Platform will enable easy operation and management of the whole network, linking together ESB with energy retailers and charge points.

The system will allow electric car drivers to access the charging system, charge and pay using a single ID card, regardless of their electricity provider.

Meanwhile, it will also provide utilities with energy usage data to help manage grid operations, reduce strain during times of peak demand and ensure reliable energy distribution.

“This innovative partnership between an Irish energy company and a global IT leader puts Ireland at the forefront of global developments in the electric vehicle sector by using cutting edge cloud technologies, and represents a clear demonstration of what is possible in this area,” commented the Irish Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton.

Ireland has set an ambitious target of meeting 40% of its electricity needs from renewable sources and having electric vehicles make up one in ten of cars on the road.

“This project has the potential to significantly improve efficiencies in electric vehicle charging, streamline management services and contribute to the overall reduction of CO2 emissions,” says ESB chief executive, Pat O’Doherty.

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