Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Launch of Cashier Ipad App

Post By : Tory H, NY Editor of Silicon New NY

The Cashier iPad app is available today, and it's reinventing the cash register for modern businesses.

Today we're excited to announce the launch of the Cashier iPad app. Now you can ring up sales, manage inventory & ingredients, run reports, and more all from your iPad. And just like you can with our iPhone app, the Cashier iPad app is fully integrated with your accounting tools, inventory tracking and customer database.
It also has web integration and cloud backup, as well as features designed to work with various niche industries from retail to restaurants. And Cashier Live support is available from right inside the app.
The iPad app has all the great features of the iPhone app, with two awesome additions that take advantage of the larger screen:
  1. Press image buttons on the screen to ring up items - instead of having to find them on a list or scan a barcode.
  2. Each product now has item options, so you can select exactly what the customer wants. If you are selling hamburgers, for example, you can easily include those extra toppings or the fries that go with it.