Tuesday, 30 October 2012

NeXT from Startup Weekend Announcement

Startup Weekend

We've got some exciting news from Startup Weekend . At long last, they're on verge of announcing a new post-Startup Weekend program for teams serious about turning their idea into a company. It's called NEXT, and they're partnering with Steve Blank (and his Lean LaunchPad curriculum) and Udacity.com to create an intensive 3-week course on customer development for teams which blends a mix of on-line curriculum and in-person workshops.

Setting the first set of program dates from November 28 - December 15, but there are more to come after, so even if you can't Organize during these initial dates, get yourself on the list for 2013!

Here's what you can do to get started:

Read more about NEXT and what it takes to Organize one

Identify a team. The primary role in additional to Lead Organizer and Co-Organizers is a Facilitator. This is somebody who's well-versed in startups and customer development and has experience in training/facilitation.

Apply here!
They'll get in touch with you ASAP to set up an introductory call, provide you with resources and guidance, and begin the training program for your Facilitator.

For more information:

Check out the site.

Join one of the 2 conference calls with Marc Nager and Steve Blank, you can ask all about the program live from two of it's creators! 9am PST and/or 7pm PST - 1 (605) 475-5900 | Access code: 693-3254