Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Silicon Ireland October 2012 update

Silicon Ireland October update.

New York News Desk
As you know Torey joined our team in the Summer to run the New York News desk for Silicon Ireland.

He now can be followed directly on http://twitter.com/siliconnewsNY

You can email Torey : ny@siliconirelandnews.com

He will also be blogging and we will be putting up a dedicated page for him in the coming days.

West Ireland Editor

Pete has been connecting with you already and he is now a regular contributor to the blog Pete twitter http://twitter.com/silirenewswire.

If you want to connect with him, its pete@siliconirelandnews.com

Dublin, Editor

Nassir has covered a lot of things for Silicon Ireland News over the last year, and is now a regular contributor to the blog. He is also a very busy in his day to day work but you can always email him : nas@siliconirelandnews.com

He can be followed on twitter on http://twitter.com/_nassir

We will be covering the WebSummit in October, and look forward to meeting you all.