Friday, 5 October 2012

Startup Digest joins forces with Startup Weekend

Welcome To The Family, StartupDigest!

Startup Weekend have joined forces with StartupDigest to better support local communities and bring the entrepreneurial community at-large closer together.

In an effort to better support local startup communities, Startup Weekend is excited to announce the acquisition of StartupDigest – one of the most definitive sources of useful information for entrepreneurs or individuals interested in the startup community.

“Startup Weekend is where you go when you have an idea, but before that realization, where do you go to get integrated into your local startup community? StartupDigest has helped serve as the connective tissue among communities around the world, and they have always been a brother to us. Our philosophies and communities are one in the same, and we’ve got no shortage of great ideas to bring even more value to our collective communities and their leaders through this acquisition,” said Marc Nager, CEO of Startup Weekend.

“StartupDigest was originally started to help people easily find and join their startup communities through local events. Startup Weekend has consistently been one of the best educational activities and many of our own curators and community members already organize and participate in Startup Weekends around the world. We love the Startup Weekend team and I am personally excited about the combined gigantic reach of both our organizations combined,” said Chris McCann, Co-Founder of StartupDigest.

Startup Weekend and StartupDigest look forward to maximizing the impact of their shared vision of empowering local startup communities worldwide. Check out the full story on the blog!

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