Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tech Titans descend on Dublin for Web Summit 2012

The Titans of Tech descend on Dublin for the Web Summit 2012

Now Europe’s largest technology conference, the Web Summit is bringing together more than 200 leaders of the World’s greatest technology companies to engage with over 3000 attendees for this now-iconic 2 day event.

These Titans of Tech will reveal how they got their companies to where they are, how they got them funded or sold, and will share their insights about the next new technologies, making this the holy grail of tech entrepreneurship.  

Like the world of technology itself, the Web Summit has grown exponentially, from a few hundred eager Irish tech entrepreneurs a few years ago, to the global gathering it is today. 

Paddy Cosgrave, Founder and International networker, has been instrumental in getting Dublin into the number one spot, with his endless passion for making Ireland the centre of Europe’s tech scene. 

This lofty position is drawing some key players to Dublin this week.  Kevin Rose, of Digg fame and now Google Venture, Robert Schoble of Schobleizer, MG Siegler of Crunchfund and Nicholas Zennstrom of Skype, among others, are all appearing alongside Ireland’s tech legend Ray Nolan of Hostelworld. 

The conference is split into 4 parts this year - Developer, Cloud, Digital and Startup Village, with over 250 international exhibitors.  The schedule is jam packed with speakers every 15 minutes throughout the day, making for a hectic line up for attendees wanting to get the most out of their ticket fee. 

Paddy and his team have taken on-board feedback from past events, and this year have introduced a networking app that lets attendees pre-arrange meetings and make connections before they even touch down in Dublin.  Unlike some conferences of this size, attendees won’t feel disconnected from the home grown start-up.  A frenzy of connections are already being made - the “students” are doing their homework ahead of the summit.

For a country of its size, Ireland has been a real contender in the tech scene since the start.  Although Ireland has featured in the news for all the wrong reasons over the last few years, its tech entrepreneurs have never lost faith, and their spirit of hope lives on in events like the Web Summit.  

Men and women from Ireland have built the roads, underground railways and airports around the world since the start of the Industrial Revolution, and the Web Summit is proof that the Irish intelligentsia is worth its weight in silicon in building the infrastructure of the global e-Revolution.