Thursday, 22 November 2012

137 Events later

137 Events Later....

...and the world is truly a different place. Since Global Startup Battle began, over 10 thousand people have particpated in a Startup Weekend, formed a team, built something awesome, met someone new, learned something useful, had their entrepreneurial spirit reawakened and strengthened, or hopefully, all of the above! How is the world different? Well, here are just a few of the things we have heard about so far:
  • Several teams made money during their event!
  • At least 2 teams we know of have investors lined up!
  • 1 team was acquired in the middle of an event!
  • The mayor of London (and next Prime Minister of the UK) popped into Startup Weekend London!
  • The winner of Startup Weekend Accra is presenting to the President of Ghanaright now!
  • A team out of Toronto rang the opening bell for the Toronto Stock Exchange the day after winning!
  • All these teams and more need YOUR VOTES!
This is just the beginning of the amazing things that are happening right now and Global Startup Battle is far from over. Winning teams have submitted videos and voting has now opened! You can look through all the winning teams and learn about what they do as you decide who you think should win the huge startup prize pack. They will need your votes to move on to the final 15 and from there a panel of star judges will select the final winner.