Thursday, 29 November 2012

Crowd Valley launched Crowdfunding Infrastructure

Crowd Valley Inc unveils its Crowdfunding Infrastructure platform for businesses looking to leverage crowdfunding and the JOBS Act. With already over 400 business customers signed up, the company is growing rapidly.

What is Crowd Valley?

Crowd Valley is the one stop shop where you can start your own crowdfunding business in minutes and manage every aspect of the community with secure infrastructure, a variety of powerful tools and back office services. The Crowd Valley infrastructure also allows you the option of connecting your network to hundreds of other networks and investment communities around the world, so you can choose to stay local or go global.

The Crowd Valley infrastructure

Crowd Valley has built a platform that is customizable, agnostic and tailored to your needs as a business customer. Operators can set their own preferences and rules, choose their own colors and brand, manage their members and much more. With powerful tools, the focus of marketplaces can be various assets, operating models, audiences, niches etc. Applications are vast and business customers are paving the way with applications in their area of expertise.

Who Can Benefit from Crowd Valley?

  • Broker-dealers looking to expand their portfolio of clients, from issuers to investors to experts, and bring their offline investment processes online;
  • Startup ecosystem groups such as universities, incubators, and angel networks looking to create online startup communities and connect to funding portals;
  • Local exchanges supporting a local municipality or region.


We have made significant progress by working with over 400 business customers that include broker-dealers, government organizations, universities, angel networks, incubators, accelerators, and institutional funds. As a result of the rapid growth of the sector, Crowd Valley was established to be the trusted provider of crowdfunding infrastructure and services.
"We are on the verge of a new era in the funding world now that JOBS Act is set to open up the US crowdfunding market", says Crowd Valley CEO Markus Lampinen, previously COO of Grow VC. "It's been an important mission of ours at Grow VC not only to develop products and services for the market but also to facilitate the entire ecosystem’s development. We believe the crowdfunding market in the US and around the world needs a sustainable financial and technical infrastructure to allow new investment models to grow, and launching Crowd Valley is a vital step.”