Thursday, 13 December 2012

Wayra in Call for Startups


Wayra are looking for the best start-ups and entrepreneurs in Latin America and Europe. That is why they are changing their model of calls to offer more opportunities during the year to join Wayra in the country you select.

Entrepreneurs from anywhere can apply for any of these places by sending in their projects, which, at the end of the registration period, will be evaluated and rated and may then pass onto the second selection phase.

An entrepreneur may opt for more than one Academy, provided that, if they are selected, they are able to fulfil all the commitments and requirements established in the Terms and Conditions of the call.

If you form part of a team of entrepreneurs and you have some innovation, business idea, solution, design or project within the digital sphere in the web or mobile environment, and whether or not you have set up a company, register it and Wayra can help you turn it into a reality.

Welcome to the 1st wayraCall 2013

participating Academies:
Buenos Aires
São Paulo
Santiago de Chile