Thursday, 10 January 2013

Dublin based Sunzu targets 1 mill business members in 2013

SunZu targets 1,000,000 business members in 2013 ‘Addressing the missing link in social business networking’ Says founder Lyndon Wood

Thursday, 03 January 2013

There will be an emphasis on sharing, learning, trading together and inspiring growth

A new social business networking platform, is currently being created to meet the needs of modern business owners.

The successful British businessman, Lyndon Wood, last month (December 2012) set up a new company in Dublin, called SunZu - The Art of Business Limited.

The company founder - who is rapidly developing a new social business network launching at the end of January - owns the intellectual property and assets of that he acquired in July 2012.

Unashamedly straight-talking Lyndon Wood said, “There is no global social business network that gives business owners the assistance and shared learnings they desperately seek in today’s volatile global economy. There will be an emphasis on sharing, learning, trading together and inspiring growth whilst not forgetting that people run businesses so establishing new business friends is very important.

“Since acquiring the intellectual property and assets of in the summer, I have listened to thousands of people running small enterprises. What everybody wants is unbiased support, information, exposure and new business friends at little or no cost.

“My vision is that the new platform will provide open and free assistance because the start ups will be assisted by intermediate stage member companies, which in turn will benefit from the more advanced business owners.
“There will be three levels of membership, the first level of which is free to join and provides some great benefits and crucially there will be no advertising on the site apart from member services via our business pages.

“What’s more, there will be a strong focus on large and small face to face gatherings that will provide added impetus to the online SunZu community. SunZu is the missing link in social business networking. The honeymoon is over for ‘social’ and ‘business’ and it’s now time to take it seriously”.

Lyndon Wood concluded, “I am naturally inclined to assist businesses and have an affinity with those looking to succeed. My passion is unrivalled and I respect everyone who has made the leap to self employment and I will do all I can to assist their success. This is driving my motivation to deliver a superb global social business networking platform for enterprises of all kinds at every stage of growth.”

SunZu - The Art of Business founder and CEO Lyndon Wood has a 90 per cent share of the business while the social networking pioneer Bill Liao has a 10 per cent share and is a Board Director of the new business.

Bill Liao is a co-founder of the social network service XING, an Investment Partner in SOS Ventures and is founder ofCoderDojo, a global collaboration providing free and open learning about programming technology to young people. He is also the author of Stone Soup: The Secret Recipe for Making Something from Nothing.

His expertise is complementary to that of Lyndon Wood who is self-taught and chose to leave school at the age of 14. Initially working from home, Lyndon set up his insurance business (Moorhouse Group) in 1990 when mortgages were at a rate of 15 per cent. The Business insurance comparison site, was set up in 2007 to expand the group with an online strategy. He has many business interests, from property to private doctors plus recruitment and employs around 150 people.

In 2011 Lyndon Wood wrote the five star rated book, Diary of a Fortune Hunter, drawn from his 21 years in business. He covers 52 real issues he faced and shares 52 solutions, with learnings applicable to businesses from one to one thousand employees.