Friday, 25 January 2013

London Web Summit - Speaker Announcements

Paddy and his team are working hard to get some great speakers for the London Web Summit. They have announced the following speakers to there already great lineup.
Looking forward to the 1st March Event.

Dr Mike Lynch, co-founder of Autonomy, Esther Dyson, one of the world's most interesting investors and Mark Read, WPP's Director of Strategy and CEO of WPP Digital. 
HP's $11 billion acquisition of Autonomy was one of the biggest tech stories of the past few years. Mike Lynch will offer his take at the London Web Summit along with insights from a remarkable career that took him from creating the very first audio sampler for the Atari ST to developing computer-based finger print recognition and finally achieving one of Europe's largest ever exits with Autonomy. His latest project is Invoke Capital, a startup investment fund.
Esther Dyson's portfolio of investments is a thrilling mix of private space and air travel enterprises, health tech and Russian firms. Her previous investments include Flickr and Delicious and she currently sits on the boards of 23AndMe, Meetup, WPP Group, Eventful, Evernote, Boxbe and Yandex. As well as investing in space startups, Esther herself has flown weightless in zero-g four times. 
As CEO of WPP Digital, Mark Read is responsible for the digital efforts of the entire WPP group, developing its technology capabilities and relationships with partners in digital tech. WPP Digital's agency group includes Possible Worldwide, Blue State Digital,, Rockfish and Syzygy and technology firms, 24/7 Media and The Media Innovation Group. Read started at WPP in 1989 before moving to Ogilvy & Mather and Hill & Knowlton. Prior to rejoining WPP, he was principal at Booz-Allen & Hamilton. He subsequently founded and developed WebRewards.