Friday, 11 January 2013

Startup Academy Ireland 2013 - Re-engineering the Startup Founder

Pre-Annoucement for Feb 1st 2013

Startup Academy Ireland is launching a new programme for Startups in 2013. This time it has pre-developed four business models with its mentors in four online sectors.

1) Social Networking

2) Ecommerce

3) App (multi platform)

4) Online Media

Launching on 1st February 2013, the application process will be about people and not just the idea. These people will be selected and will be pitched by the Mentor leading the project. The 'pairing' will then lead to a large equity stake being given to the chosen 'Founder'. We will provide, mentoring, office, equipment and some funding for the business. The project will be intensive and will last for 3 months, and will lead to a stringent review process prior to launch.

Each chosen 'Founder' will have a say in the development of the project enabling some 'pivoting' of the business model if needed.

The process will re-engineer the way startups can be launched in Ireland.

Further Details will be posted in the coming weeks.