Saturday, 12 January 2013

Take Your App To Glory At DEMO Conference 2013

Startup Weekend have teamed up with Microsoft and DEMO to bring you the Windows Startup Challenge, a competition designed to help you take your apps to the next level!

The Windows Startup Challenge

Does publicity, expert help, attention from investors, and a free trip to DEMO sound awesome to you? Well, if you built an app recently, listen up!

The Windows Startup Challenge will give your team a chance to compete against other great Windows Store applications, get help from Microsoft experts, and maybe even win a trip to DEMO to unveil your app in front of top-tier investors, VC's, and press!

If you built an app on another platform, that's ok! You are still invited to participate and Microsoft wants to help you bring your app to the Windows 8 platform through this competition! Check your eligibility and enter the contest to tell us about the app you plan to take to Windows.

Are you eligible? Teams that have developed or were planning to develop a Windows Store app at a Startup Weekend between October 1st, 2012 and January 29th, 2013 are eligible as long as your app isn't listed in the Windows App Store yet! Check out all the official eligibility requirements. You can also start building now and join the competition-you don't have to have been to an event!

There are 2 rounds to the contest, the first will have you upload a video or presentation about your app and garner votes and judges support, the next will pair you with Microsoft experts to really flesh out your creations.

We've got all the juicy details (including the awesome prizes!) for you on the contest page, make sure not to miss out on this opportunity, the rewards are huge and it will definitely be a ton of fun!

Build away and good luck!
Startup Weekend & Microsoft