Sunday, 20 January 2013

UII Event Update

UII Event Update

Introducing Jaimee Newberry

Jaimee is director of User Experience at Black Pixel.

With a strong background in art, design, teaching, community outreach,
and sofware design, Jaimee is perfect for Úll.
The lineup is taking shape nicely, don’t you agree?


Sponsorship levels this year are named after types of wood.
The headline sponsorship is, of course, the Applewood.
This year's Applewood sponsor is Dropbox.
They recently announced that they will open a Dublin office:

As such, they have a variety of job openings:

It's amazing to have such great support from such a great company.
Thanks, Bono!



Tickets are €645 and still on sale:


More Information

More  announcements each week during January.

Stay tuned!


Sponsorship Opportunities

There are other types of wood available as sponsor packages.

Get in touch: