Thursday, 31 January 2013

Uniting To Create Jobs via Startup Weekend

Silicon Ireland thinks we should develop a similar initiative in Ireland, what do you think?

Uniting To Create Jobs

We believe that the most important force in making the world a better place, improving economies, and creating jobs are entrepreneurs.

Startup Weekend are proud to announce that out of 217 nonprofits in 31 states and 110 cities, Startup Weekend has been selected as one of the finalists in the Job Raising Challenge!

The Huffington Post, CrowdRise, and the Skoll Foundation developed the competition to showcase nonprofit organizations that are making helping to combat the jobs crisis in the United States. We believe that entrepreneurship is the single greatest hope for thriving communities and we have seen that empowering one another to act on our passions and ideas creates a sustainable, lasting impact. Because of this we are proud to share our mission with more people and generate support through the Job Raising Challenge.

If Startup Weekend has helped you or someone you know create a job or meaningful opportunity for themselves or others, please support our cause.  Donations can be made here - we will use all donations to further the Startup Weekend movement and specifically target struggling communities that need entrepreneurship most.
As part of the Job Raising Challenge, the organization that raises the most before March 1st will be awarded an extra $150,000. With this backing, we can make an even more substantial dent in the jobs crisis, help more people become entrepreneurs, and create stronger communities.