Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Winners at the Europa's 2013

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The Europa's 2013

Check out this great article : Ireland has more nominations per capita than any other nation 

Here is a list of the Winners at the Europas 2013 (more may be added as night goes on)


Best  Startup Accelerator : Seedcamp

Best commerce and finance startup : Toshi

People's choice awards :  Wooga

Best Irish Startup : Datahug

Best startup award : Transferwise

Voted by his peers the best tech journalist   

Best Culture (fashion, arts, music, media) Startup : Lyst

Best VC award: Atomico

Best Europas mentors of the year :   

Best lightweight Startup : @sketchfab

Best middleweight startup : Transferwise

Best heavyweight startup: Wonga

Best Business, Enterprise or Recruitment Startup : Datahug

Best Service Provider:  

Best Startup Founders: Jan Reichelt, Paul Foeckler & Victor Henning of Mendeley

The Grand Prix. The prize of all prizes: 

Best UK startup : Gocardless

Best Service Provider to Start Ups : 33secondsagency

Best Advertising or Marketing tech startup: SocialBakers

 Best French Startup:  

 Best recruitment startup :