Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Enterprise Ireland Irish Pavilion at Mobile World Congress 2013 - Full Irish List

Enterprise Ireland Irish Pavilion at Mobile World Congress 2013 - 

Here is the full list of exhibiting at the Irish Pavilion!.

3V Transaction Services www.3vcorporate.com - 3V Transaction Services offers Mobile Network Operators a head start in Mobile Financial Services. 3V provides scheme-issued (Visa/MasterCard)
white label stored value accounts, with no specific handset or SIM requirements or integration to existing client platforms necessary, allowing MNOs to quickly bring branded mobile money applications to the broadest possible market. 3V payment cards and virtual account applications have global load, spend and transfer capability, including NFC. 3V provides complete settlement and funds management, technical development and hosting, and extensive distribution and acquiring networks. 3V operates mobile money applications for clients such as Telefónica and Visa Europe. See www.3vcorporate.com.

FeedHenry www.feedhenry.com  -FeedHenry’s cloud Mobile Application Platform enables app developers to build, deploy and manage mobile apps for business. Enterprises can create native, hybrid or HTML5 apps that securely connect to backend, legacy and/or third party systems, powered from the cloud. The platform also provides Mobile App Management and Analytics so businesses can capture key user insights on app usage. The platform is unique in that the cloud code can be deployed to private, public or hybrid clouds and any Cloud Foundrybased platform-as-a-service (PaaS). This offers developers a highly flexible cloud environment where they can deploy cloud or server-side code quickly and easily with a single click, freeing them to create business-critical apps that connect securely to backend assets.

HeyStaks www.heystaks.com  -HeyStaks helps organisations answer the simple question "who knows what?". By analysing the untapped behavioural information of employees, HeyStaks delivers insights for expert identification and enhanced information discovery to organisations. With its patented behavioural indexing & reputation-aware solution, HeyStaks automatically detects and creates communities of interest that facilitate frictionless collaboration and provide faster, more relevant access to information that saves organisations time and money. In addition, knowledge co-ordinators within the organisation gain insights into the structure and distribution of expertise of its employees, enabling more efficient flow of knowledge. Discover how HeyStaks drives the next phase in knowledge analytics at www.heystaks.com.

MMSoft Design www.mmsoftdesign.com - MMSOFT Design is a leading provider of Remote Monitoring and Management solutions. Mobile PC Monitor (www.mobilepcmonitor.com) is an innovative solution developed by MMSOFT Design that monitors and manages critical servers and IT infrastructure in a secure environment using a mobile device. The monitoring and Management solution is hosted in the cloud and provides total control of IT systems from any location. With mobile applications available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows 8, Mobile PC Monitor is the leading mobile monitoring solution used by over
150,000 IT professionals operating in the SME and Enterprise sectors.

GOS Networks www.gosnetworks.com - GoS Networks takes policy to smart connected devices and across the RAN  a unique software solution, GoS 360°. By extending policy to the user’s device, GoS 360°allows operators to monetize their existing network investment, reduce CAPEX and OPEX, and enhance the User’s Experience. GoS 360°software can be embedded in smart connected devices such as 
Smartphones and Tablets and integrated with network Policy solutions. This allows Policy Control and Monitoring on the user’s device. GoS 360° has been proven to significantly reduce CAPEX and OPEX in tier one deployments

Britebill www.britebill.com -Brite:Bill lowers your inbound call centre costs by over 20% Brite:Bill provides
a personalised bill presentment platform for CSP's across all customer channels - including paper bills, online bills and smartphones/Tablets. This allows the CSP to personalise billing communication to the customer channel and to lower customer care costs by answering known customer problems and improving sales by intelligently targeting new products and services.

Socowave Ltd www.socowave.com -Socowave is a research-driven wireless systems company, pioneering the development of advanced Active Antenna Systems for UMTS and LTE radio access networks. Passionate about breaking new ground, Socowave has developed a portfolio of hardware and software assets (IP and know-how) dedicated to solving active antenna ‘array synchronization and control’ challenges. These assets have been hardware-proven in the field with measured performance enhancements in excess of 100%, while reducing network maintenance costs. Supporting the goals of infrastructure equipment companies with technology assets and integration design services, Socowave delivers new product and system solutions with worldclass performance, in a short timeframe.

Inhance Technology www.inhancetechnology.com - Inhance Technology is a market leader in mobile device anti-theft and recovery, parental control, data back-up and malware solutions. They have developed a wide range of anti-theft and security solutions for smartphones, tablets & laptops. Working with leading Insurance & Warranty companies, Telecom Operators, Consumer Electronics Retailers and OEMs globally
specialising in offering compelling white label fully integrated enterprise level business solutions. Backed with multi-language customer support, training and marketing support Inhance Technology build tangible and relevant products for consumers - enabling their clients to attract and retain mobile insurance customers and reduce the potential cost of fraudulent claims.

Mad Calm www.madcalm.com - MadCalm addresses the strategic objectives of MNO’s, specifically in relation to developing a quality relationship with customers through highly personalised lifecycle management programmes. The programme elements that MadCalm delivers gives MNO’s the ability to improve a number of key metrics including, Revenue Management, Subsidy Management, Reduced Churn Drivers and Bad Debt Exposure. Capabilities delivered include various lifecycle activities to manage customer perception, Personalised offers based on customer usage needs for different lifecycle activities, Differentiated base
pricing and product strategy, efficient allocation of subsidy budget, Relevant Personalised customer communication messages, Lifecycle planning to improve customer contribution value from the base.

Near Form www.nearform.com - nearForm are Europe's number 1. Node.js consulting company. nearForm provides consulting services around the use of node.js and also end-to-end build services. nearForm a track record in mobile payments, peer-to-peer systems, mobile banking, bit coin systems. nearForm customers include banks, fortune 500 companies, multi-nationals and a selection of startups.
nearForm have made significant open-source contributions in the areas of data synchronisation, peer-to-peer systems, app generation (generative programming) and rapid development frameworks in node.js

Verios www.verios.ie -Verios provides leading data analytics tools designed to help operators optimize network performance, increase subscriber retention and find new revenue opportunities. Real-time big data analytics is an extremely valuable resource to operators, injecting new focus into BSS and OSS systems. Verios products provide operators with deep insight into network performance, how optimizations affect subscriber experience, and where revenue is being created or lost in the network. Verios RAN and Core Network products cover a spectrum of operator opportunities, including RAN optimization tools, revenue assurance, roamer retention, handset analysis, subscriber search tools and more. Discover your networks' true potential with Verios.

Benetel www.benetel.com - Benetel is a Wireless Technology company based in Dublin, Ireland. Benetel
provide wireless products, reference designs, turnkey test systems and test services for LTE, 3G and M2M wireless standards in a number of markets including telecommunications, automotive, medical, education and
industrial. At MWC2013 the company are show casing their solutions for LTE eNodeB Small Cell reference designs

Zapa Technology www.zapatechnology.com - Zapa reduces churn by personalising the Customers Experience of Value in real time. Zapa allows CSP’s to ‘Surprise and Delight’ their customers through providing personalised, rule based rewards that leverage existing investments in churn propensity and value segmentation. Zapa manages the Customer Experience of Value end to end including proactive communication of this experience to the end Customer. Zapa is a thought leader in providing next generation loyalty and personalised offer management solutions to the CSP and Retail markets. Its executives have a track record of success in CSP Customer Experience Management (CEM) through their previous company

Equiendo Ltd www.equiendo.com -Equiendo have pioneered provisioning and mirroring mobile networks on the cloud. From this platform we deliver an exciting range of SaaS network management applications and Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) network management programs and reporting. Standardised programs empower operators to efficiently and effectively dimension, manage and grow the radio access network providing an enhanced user experience, managing the capacity crunch and delivering the network at a reduced cost. In addition providing insight to strategically and independently grow your network and underpinning the transformation to cloud services guaranteeing their success for corporate customers. Equiendo’s customers include Vodafone, Three, Telefonica and Digicel.

CUBIC Telecom Limited www.cubictelecom.com  -With 10 billion mobile devices and an 18 fold increase in data traffic expected by 2016, Cubic Telecom’s software defined network is at the very heart of the next wave of global network technologies. Allowing ‘bring your own device’ flexibility, security and application development, Cubic Telecom offers dynamically configurable over-the-air provisioning to any device, anywhere, interconnecting users and applications across global mobile networks. We are the enablers. Applications for our technology are limited solely by your imagination. We look forward to speaking with you and making your network dreams a reality at MWC 2013.

Escher Group www.eschergroup.com - Escher is the leading supplier of retail and messaging software solutions to the world’s largest postal operators. In addition, Escher Group provides a scalable turnkey solution, managing a range of secure, personalized, collaborative digital services. This collaborative framework offers the ideal platform for the delivery of a national level ecosystem linking retail, mobile and cloud based business. This enterprise and intra-enterprise social network builds the framework required to maintain a sustainable national digital ecosystem.

Vordel www.vordel.com -Vordel, recently acquired by Axway, provides an API Server that enables
enterprises to connect to Cloud and Mobile. The Vordel API Server is an enterprise-ready, unified API platform to manage, deliver and secure APIs. Global telcos rely on the Vordel API Server to deploy mission-critical APIs and extend existing IT infrastructure to keep up with the rapid change in mobile and cloud computing technologies. Vordel has global enterprise customers including banking, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, media, pharmaceutical, telecoms, utility and government organizations.

iMobMedia www.imobmedia.net - iMobMedia innovative platform allows mobile network operators (MNOs)to target consumers with offers in real-time based on consumer preference, profile and proximity. Our innovative platform enables MNOs to execute churn management campaigns whereby customers with a high propensity to churn are sent offers when they are close to a mobile retail store. The platform will be central to the operators’ customer lifecycle management, in relation to acquisition, loyalty and upselling. The solution also allows MNOs to leverage their customer’s location and customer profile data to generate
new revenue streams from retailers, advertisers and brands.