Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Heroes of the Mobile Fringe Festival 2013 are go- 2013

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Heroes of the Mobile Fringe Festival 2013 are go!

Here is the update from Helen at Heroes of the Mobile Fringe Festival that Silicon Ireland is supporting again this year. Please check it out below:-

'Hello Silicon Ireland Readers and thank you for supporting Heroes of the Mobile Fringe Festival.

Our little experimental festival in Barcelona last February was a great success. We had so many lovely events to choose from and we worked out that about 7,000 people attended the various events and parties on offer. We also had a bunch of traffic to the website so we must have done something right! But it wasn't just about Barcelona. With a little help from some lovely friends, we managed to take Swedish Beers to San Francisco last May and had a couple of Swedish Beers parties in London. We also had a Heroes day in London in November which produced some very interesting discussions which you can read about and listen to here. This means we'll be on the road again later in 2013. Watch this space as they say for stops in Berlin, London, Leeds and beyond.

Our first stop though, is Barcelona from Sunday 24 February until Friday 1st march. The Heroes team is busy working with sponsors and event organisers to bring the listings up to date and we're adding new things every day.

Please do get involved
Of course we have events for you to attend, but we'd love for you to get a bit more involved and support us to support the mobile community. You can add your event listing here (no charge currently). You can volunteer your time to assist at an event (you can never have too many helpers at events). Just add your name to the list here. Or perhaps you can host an event in your office or would like to team up with someone to do something. The more the merrier.

We are also on the lookout for more sponsors. We can happily announce that AIMIA is our first festival sponsor and Pearson are back for more too. We already have a few sponsors lined up for Swedish Beers. More on that next time. We're specifically looking for sponsors for our podcast series (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), Innovation on the Fringe(Sunday) and an idea we have for an art exhibition and workshop too. We have sponsorship opportunities for all budgets so don't be shy about getting in touch.

We've listed some events already so do take a look and see what tickles your fancy, or perhaps inspires you to get involved and run something too. Click here to see the full events listing and don't forget to scroll to the next page for further events.

If you're interested in demo'ing your wares, then you can request a slot at Innovation on the Fringe here and if what you do is specific to mobile marketing and advertising, then you can request to showcase here. There is no charge for either.

Thank you'



We're very grateful for the support we've had so far in getting us off the ground. Our first sponsors, Pearson and AIMIA, have been marvellous. And my trusty team have been amazing. A big up to you all.

Keep in touch

We won't bombard you with emails but will keep you updated with news of new events and initiatives. We'll be doing a shout out for panellists, demos and other speakers from time to time as well.