Tuesday, 26 February 2013

New mobile security Suite launched at MWC 2013

Zimperium, the mobile security start-up that won start-up of the year for innovation at Israel Mobile 2013 hosted by KPMG, Israel Export Office and Calcalist, has announced its latest Mobile Security Suite in Barcelona at MWC 2013
“With the recent reports of attacks on Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and NY Times it further demonstrates that everyone is a target. Mobile devices have become a lucrative asset to hackers due to BYOD unmanaged security.” “MWC is an excellent opportunity to showcase our technology and demonstrate a comprehensive mobile protection solution to defend organizations from these types of targeted attacks through mobile devices” commented Zuk Avraham, Zimperium's Founder and CEO.

zIPS, the world’s first on-device Mobile Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) protect organizations from a variety of cyber security threats such as spear-phishing, cyber espionage, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) and worm-based threats on mobile. The solution provides real-time visibility for mobile devices, which is based on an innovative behavioural analysis engine.

‘Bring Your Own device’ (BYOD) in the workplace continues to rise, without a foreseeable change of direction in sight. It is estimated that 81% of employees now use at least one mobile device for their work-related tasks.” “This trend exposes enterprises to a host of security risks which can’t be ignored, yet most organizations have not even begun to address these risks” continued Mr. Avraham.