Friday, 22 February 2013

Uii Conference adds 3 More speakers

Three New Speakers: Jennifer Brook, Matthew Panzarino, and Stephanie Rieger

  Jennifer Brook
  In her own words: “The idea that a book could be a work of art felt revolutionary”. Jennifer is a psychology major turned UX designer, she is a self-described introvert, lover of books, and maker of things.

  Matthew Panzarino
  Matthew is Managing Editor and the face of Apple journalism at The Next Web, covering all things nerdy and techy with a voice that’s both reliable and entertaining.

  Stephanie Rieger
  Joining us from Edinburgh, Stephanie is a designer focussed on mobile web. A writer and passionate design enthusiast, she is helping drive the future of design while drawing influence from its rich history.

Úll this year will take place in its entirety in The Round Room at The Mansion House.

  The Round Room was built in 1821 for the visit of King George IV. It was the venue for the first sitting of the Irish government and as such, the location of the proclamation of The Irish Declaration of Independence.