Wednesday, 20 March 2013



Job Description

Job Category: Software Engineering: Program Management
Location: Dublin, IE
Job ID: 808548-92111
Division: IT

Microsoft Ireland Intern Program 2013

Program Manager
Microsoft Office Ireland Development Team

The Office Ireland Development Team is part of the worldwide multi-billion dollar Office business. We design how our hundreds of millions of users buy Microsoft Office and how they discover, develop and buy the new Apps for Office on the Office Store.

The team is part of Microsoft Ireland, which has been voted the best place in Ireland to work for four years in a row!! Come join us to find out why! 


Engineering teams in Microsoft are composed of three professions: program managers (PMs), developers, and testers. PMs design and write the specs for new features; developers code them up; testers test the result. Each feature has one of each profession working on it called a feature crew.

As a program manager, it’ll be your job to come up with new features for Office. You’ll do all the research, meeting with key stakeholders across the company and across the world. With all that information, you’ll design the feature and write a technical specification which details every aspect of its design and functionality. Then you’ll work with your feature crew as the feature is developed and tested. It’s your responsibility to ensure the feature is delivered.

PMs have a truly amazing job, one that’s unique and challenging but very rewarding, where you get to be technical and creative, making a real impact in a product.


* Visionaries 
o Have vision, and creates innovative, compelling solutions that users want 
o Can really put themselves into the user’s shoes 
o Feel comfortable asking questions, but also surprise with innovative answers 

* Technically knowledgeable 
o Have strong technical abilities, logical thinking and good problem solving abilities 
o Can understand code and architectures enough to interact with senior developers 
o Have familiarity with one or more of the following: web programming, web design, commerce, analytics, web-based business models. 
o Are able to demonstrate an ability to walk through problems from multiple angles and rationales in order to arrive at an opinion. 

* Persuasive communicators 
o Can confidently represent and project their own ideas as well as their team’s, in meetings as well as in email. 
o Structure information well, and can present ideas coherently 
o Are excellent communicators and are confident in what they argue, but not overconfident 

* Passionate 
o Continually seek and act upon feedback, both for the feature they are developing and in their own personal development 
o Have opinions about the Microsoft Office products and competitors’ products / websites. 
o Are passionate about technology. 
o Make a real difference to the bottom line, often by designing product features that will deliver millions of dollars of value at Microsoft 

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