Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Jollyfy at SXSW Theme-a-Thon announced for SXSW 2013

Jollyfy (www.jollyfy.com) today announced a creative designer contest, the ‘Jollyfy@SXSW Theme-a-Thon’ which challenges iPhone and iPad developers and designers to create the most popular video themes around the SXSW interactive/film/music festival, which takes place in Austin, Texas March 8-17. The Jollyfy@SXSW Theme-a-Thon provides interactive designers with a chance to gain global recognition during SXSW, and win a 32 GB iPad Mini. The Jollyfy theme which gets the most downloads and has the most videos created with it between the date of submission and March 20th will be declared the winner. Jollyfy will announce the winner on Monday, March 25, 2013. More information on the contest is available at http://www.jollyfy.com/fsxsw.

Designers can use their graphic tools of choice – from Adobe Photoshop to AfterEffects to Maya and Blender 3D – to create themes for Jollyfy. Jollyfy app users can then download these themes onto their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and use them to record and share SXSW-themed videos and group video albums.

The most popular Jollyfy@SXSW theme will be scored based on the most number of users downloading and using the theme (3 points per user), plus the most number of videos made with the theme (1 point per video). At least 3 different users must make and share videos with a theme for that theme to qualify for prizes. Up to 4 runner-ups will receive $50 [iTunes] gift cards.

Designers must submit their themes to Jollyfy by 11:59:59 pm EST on Friday, March 15 to be considered for the contest. Information on how to create and submit Jollyfy themes and other contest information, resources and terms are available at http://www.jollyfy.com/fsxsw.

“Jollyfy themes offer designers a unique opportunity to shape the discussions surrounding SXSW. Whether you make themes about music, tech, film or the SXSW social scene, your creativity and ideas can spawn video conversations that are serious, funny, thought-provoking or even launch an internet meme that goes well beyond the festival,” said Maciej Wisniewski, Founder and Chief Scientist of netomat, Inc., which created Jollyfy.

Jollyfy is an innovative video personalization platform for consumers and brands to record and share personalized and branded videos through social media, e-mail, and Jollyfy’s community. The Jollyfy app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch enables users to add video themes that appear as overlays in the camera viewfinder. When a user records video, the theme becomes part of the user’s video. Users can select from hundreds of existing themes (popular themes include Happy Birthday, Breaking News, the Kiss Cam, Wish You Were Here, Vintage Film and Mr. President), make their own themes, or use themes made and shared by other users. The Jollyfy mobile app can be downloaded from http://itunes.com/apps/jollyfy.

“The creative community that surrounds SXSW is the ideal audience for generating a mobile social video design contest, and that is what the Jollyfy@SXSW Theme-a-Thon is all about: creative competition in a friendly, interactive mobile environment,” said Kris Ramanathan, netomat’s CEO and Co-Founder. “We believe that the SXSW festival will offer many mobile video ‘moments’ that can be augmented through the Jollyfy SXSW themes that designers will create. Jollyfy was created for richer mobile video storytelling; users can easily connect videos together to truly capture shared social experiences from different points of view and tell a richer, more complete story. We wish the mobile design community good luck in gaining an audience with their Jollyfy SXSW themes.”

Video Themes for Any Occasion
Users can make Jollyfy themes with many popular graphics and motion graphics software programs, including Adobe Photoshop, Aftereffects, Premiere; Apple Motion, Final Cut Pro; Autodesk’s Maya; Smith Micro’s Anime Studio; Maxon’s CINEMA 4D and the open source programs, GIMP and Blender 3D. Themes can include text, images, video elements, animation, special effects, 3D images, filters, and more. A simple in-app “theme wizard” enabling users without any knowledge of these tools to make rich themes will also be launched soon. More information and instructional videos are available on the Jollyfy website at http://www.jollyfy.com/fsxsw/tutor.php.

Create Group Video Albums and Conversations with Jollyfy
Users can share any theme they make with friends, family, colleagues or the entire Jollyfy community. When they do so, all videos made and shared with that theme are automatically grouped together into a video album. For instance, a college student creates a Jollyfy theme for his roommate’s surprise party and invites friends to use it. Everyone downloads the Jollyfy app and records videos with that theme before, during and after the party to create a video album that these friends can enjoy forever. Another user creates a theme for an important cause and shares that theme with others to also express through video why that cause is important. Thousands of evocative, themed videos made by ordinary people are recorded and shared via email and social media in just days. Lastly, a parent creates a theme for his daughter’s 10-and-under soccer team and shares it with other parents to capture videos of games, practices, team members and goofing around throughout the kids’
soccer season.

Jollyfy is currently supported on the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad 2 and 3, and iPod Touch (4th generation). Jollyfy requires iOS 5.0+

About netomat
netomat, a leader in mobile web apps and video services, is a “one-stop shop” for mobilizing web content and community, offering strategy, execution, monetization and content delivery across thousands of devices. netomat's flagship product, Mobility Server, is an enterprise-strength publishing platform for mobile websites that is also resold by Oracle Corporation globally as part of its web content management product suite. netomat is based in New York City. For more information, please visit www.netomat.net.

About Jollyfy
Jollyfy is the first ecosystem that enables personalized creation and sharing of mobile video. Developed for the iPhone and iPad, Jollyfy provides a broad range of creative themes for users to share with friends and family, and offers a platform for brands and professional designers to sell premium content to fans. Jollyfy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of netomat. For more information, please visit www.jollyfy.com.