Saturday, 30 March 2013

Úll is 2 Weeks Away - new speakers announced


Úll is 2 Weeks Away

Announcing more speakers, and more things to do in the run up to the conference, including another conference!


Announcing the Úllumni

We’ve already announced that Matt Gemmell will be keynoting this year’s conference, and Jim Dalrymple and Kyle Neath are back for a Panel Session.

However, today we’re delighted to announce that joining us again this year will be the “Brat Pack” of John Gruber, Michael Lopp and Horace Dediu. All three were great supporters of what we did last year, and it’s of particular pleasure that they’ll be joining us again in two weeks.


Jurewitz Out, Friedman In

Unfortunately, due to circumstances outside his control, Michael Jurewitz will no longer be able to join us. Fortunately, the inimitable Lex Friedman has stepped up as a fitting replacement. Alas, and huzzah!

There are still tickets left:


Ship Week and Brio

If you’re about during the week of Úll, join us for Ship Week! Ship It! Monday is like show and tell for developers, so if you’re working on something and you want a good place to announce it, look no further:

We’re also co-hosting Brio, a conference about the future of being entrepreneurial. It’s on during the days of the 9th and 10th April, and we have a fantastic lineup at that too:

(featuring Amber Case, Jan Lehnardt, Diana Kimball, Boaz Sender, Zach Holman, Andy Baio, Christina Xu, and Mikeal Rogers)

If you don’t have Úll tickets yet, you can get an amazing combo deal at:

If you DO have Úll tickets, and you’d like a discounted ticket for Brio, get in touch