Sunday, 7 April 2013

Converser launches and gets funded

 Converser, a communications platform that makes it easy for companies to better know and communicate with their customers through their mobile apps. It recently got funding from Lough Shore Investments.

Here is the Backdrop

'We have never lived in a time with the opportunity to put a computer in the pocket of billions of people. Mobile is fundamentally changing how companies and customers interact. A banking client of Converser perfectly illustrates this. Today the bank’s customers overwhelmingly interact with their services through the bank’s mobile app. Desktop usage has plummeted.
Instead of using traditional channels to communicate, the bank has turned to Converser to drive interactive customer messaging through their mobile app. Anything the bank wants to say or send, can be ‘appified’ and delivered to their customer, through their app, in an instant. With a tap, the customer can read an update, reply to an alert, answer a question, give instructions, view a promotion, complete a form.'