Monday, 29 April 2013

DCU announces fast track licensing initiative

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Intellectual Property

Making it even easier to do business with DCU – Open Innovation in Action

It is sometimes said that Universities are difficult to deal with when it comes to licensing negotiations. Some are and some aren’t. The loudest cry is that they overvalue the IP behind an immature technology and prolong the negotiations with entrepreneurs who are eager to go to market. At DCU we don’t agree with this! You have to be business-like and we are. We have been the leading technology transfer office in Ireland over the last four years negotiating more licences and commercial options that any other university. Invent DCU has always welcomed working with industry through licensing, spin-outs, support for spin-in companies, innovation partnerships and collaborative research. We can truthfully say that we have never lost a licence deal by overvaluing the intellectual property or by prolonged negotiations. Is it easy – no! By temperament entrepreneurs can be impatient and non-conformist – as they should be. They challenge the status quo and that is the energy we need to harness. However, we recognise that certain technologies are by their nature really early stage and it can be difficult to see where a profitable commercial application is in the short to medium term. It is also a big risk for an entrepreneur particularly when they want to enter a new market with a new technology and a new company hence the slow uptake of many disruptive innovations. That is why we are announcing DCU Licence Express to mark World IP Day 2013.