Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Google Announces NEXT Program Partnership

Startup Weekend CEO Marc Nager announces NEXT's newest partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs at Google’s London campus.

On April 17, Startup Weekend CEO Marc Nager announced Google for Entrepreneurs' latest partnership with the NEXT program. Launched in November 2012 and powered by Startup Weekend, NEXT is a comprehensive curriculum rooted in Steve Blank's Customer Development methodology, built around in-person interactions with potential customers, and delivered by an accredited Instructor. During the course, participants will complete required video lectures and supplemental readings from the course Instructor.

With this new partnership, the program will use Google+ Hangouts to train Instructors, expand course offerings, and instruct entrepreneurs on how to launch their business. In 2012, NEXT launched in 25 cities. The program looks to expand further to 100 programs in 20 countries in 2013.