Sunday, 21 April 2013

I'm Watch at Basel Watch Fair

i'm Watch – the smartwatch that changed the watch concept - was designed by two, young Italian businessmen and their team of engineers. It is the first luxury, digital watch to receive a place of honor at the famous Basel fair. On April 25th, the new 2013 Baselworld edition will open its gates with the headline of "Brilliance Meets". Ideas and innovation, brands and stakeholders, products and novelties will gather in Basel to form a unique meeting point of the global watch and jewellery industry.

The beating heart of i’m Watch is Italian: it is the first smartwatch for iPhone and Android entirely made in Italy. Developed by Manuel Zanella, Engineer andMassimiliano Bertolini, Architect and Designer, this smartwatch changed the watch concept, and has created a new market niche virtually accounting for sixty billion dollar biz according to Citigroup'sanalysis. This opens a new horizon for the watch industry. Innovation is now focusing on watches as an attractive target of reinventions based on evolving daily requirements. Whilst a revolution has already taken place in the field of technology creating a new considerable market, the next future will probably be the setting of a real reconception of watches by different brands, including the watchmaking industry.

Two years after the launch of i’m Watch - a technology jewel protected by three history-changing patents – innovation gains further ground thanks to a reinstated commitment of the company in the field of research and development. A clear evidence of this commitment is the luxury frontier. For the first time in a sector mainly dealing with mechanical movements enclosed in the noble steel cases of luxury watches, gold, silver and platinum pool with digital technologies raising them to a new, unexpected status.