Monday, 1 April 2013

Korean Mobile App Pioneer AppDisco, Assisting Foreign Game Developers to Enter East Asian Markets

AppDisco Inc.(CEO: Jeong Soohwan), the company that developed Asia’s No. 1 mobile reward advertising platform ‘AdLatte’, has announced marketing support and operational assistance for boutique mobile game companies to enter Korean and East Asian markets.

AppDisco has realized the difficulties of relatively small domestic and foreign mobile game developers who possess great mobile games but lacking marketing capital and sales force. Bum Ryung Yoo, co-founder of AppDisco, attended Game Developers Conference 2013 (GDC) who stated, “During GDC, we met many talented game developers who need support for marketing their game. While the content itself has a great value and potential, it seems very hard for them to get attention from users as the competition is getting stronger and a few of big players are conquering the market.”

To resolve these issues, initial game marketing, operations, and customer service aid will be provided by AppDisco Korea and through AppDisco’s global entities in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China, US, Australia, Germany, and UK. Global partners in Singapore, Vietnam, France, Spain, and other countries will participate and extend these efforts as well. One of the developers at the GDC who had a meeting with AppDisco said, “I am very impressed that a Korean company introduced such a successful marketing tool that will help the gaming industry. As AppDisco is already building its global infra, I would love to collaborate and experience the marketing effect of AdLatte and Latte Screen.”

The most unique proposition of this assistance program is that game developers are provided with advertisement services as well as game publishing services via AdLatte and Latte Screen. Currently, Korea has over 30 million smartphone subscribers and its mobile gaming industry is rapidly growing. Industry experts forecast its size to surpass over $ 100M in the year 2013. With these trends, it is welcomed by mobile game developers are encouraged to take advantage of AppDisco’s marketing and operations assistance program to land footsteps in the new global markets.

The CEO, Jeong Soohwan, added, “The advantage of mobile game application business is that anyone can share their ideas into the open market system without any physical restriction. We sincerely believe that minor mobile game developers will join our famous cost-effective AdLatte and Latte Screen, and overcome their marketing capital shortage. This will enable co-existence and cooperation of diversified global mobile ecosystem.”