Wednesday, 10 April 2013

New online social business network gives entrepreneurs their own ‘toolkit’ to connect and prosper

SunZu - The Art of Business is the “white knight” for businesses and individuals to interact on a friendly platform and market themselves

SunZu is fast establishing itself as the leading platform for business owners around the world to connect, share, trade skills and business.

Just two months after its launch, SunZu has half a million members and is on track towards its goal to become the online network of choice for business owners worldwide.

“SunZu is the ‘white knight’ for businesses, solving all their networking issues and assisting them to grow,” says SunZu Founder and CEO Lyndon Wood.

“Finally business owners have a new way of social business networking, supported by the sharing of knowledge and experiences that will encourage growth.”

SunZu provides business owners a community in which they can develop and thrive online. Members can bid for work and place work opportunities by creating an auction, form alliances, arrange categories and connections into circles, publish articles and blogs, and create and attend networking events.

“I have a passion to assist other business owners succeed. Before SunZu there was a gap in the social business network market for this type of platform. Now business owners can collaborate and keep the cash in the local eco-system, as we encourage SunZu members to spend with members so all businesses flourish,” says Wood.

The latest offering by SunZu is ‘Flashboard’, the ability to provide members with statistics and real-time measurement on their SEO (search engine optimisation) ranking and activity,including page views. SunZu content is generated through its members’ highly optimised blogs, articles and other content they post to the site.

“The more active a SunZu member is, the more likely they are to be found in search engines. SunZu has everything they need to get their message across and measure their success,” says Wood. “It’s well optimised for search engines and we are making continuous enhancements to the site. We are largely guided by SunZu members’ feedback.”

SunZu inherited over 500,000 members from Ecademy, thought to be the world's first social business networking site (established 1998, pre-dating Facebook and LinkedIn). Wood purchased Ecademy in July 2012, acquiring its database of members but creating a completely different environment from Ecademy.
“SunZu is about meeting new business friends face to face as well as online, many networks have forgotten that business is about people.”

SunZu aims to attract one million members by the end of this year. The most active members are from the UK and USA, with increasing interest from India, Australia, China and Europe.

An official launch event will be held in Dublin on April 26 to celebrate SunZu’s successes to date and reveal the vision for the future. Guest speakers include young entrepreneur James Whelton, co-founder of Coderdojo, SunZu Women’s Ambassador and former Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Samantha Kelly and SunZu Founder and CEO Lyndon Wood.

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